My Story


Welcome! I’m so happy you’re here. My name is Lauren and I’m a mixed media artist and avid art journaler. I love mixed media because it allows me to use as many art supplies in one piece as I want. Pure freedom! I draw my inspiration from nature and the coastal village in Massachusetts that I call home.

After years of exploring everything from watercolor to oils to acrylics, I came to love the freedom of mixed media. Paintings often evolve from my art journaling adventures and love of nature, books, and vintage aesthetics. It is the best way I know to communicate what it means to be alive in this wild and beautiful world. They bring me great joy and wonder in creating them and I hope they bring you some joy and wonder too.

This space will be one that continuously evolves as I do as a human being. After a lot of art education, I’ve been able to really pinpoint where I’ve struggled and why it took so long to overcome certain challenges. I look forward to simplifying foundational concepts like composition, color, and artistic voice and sharing that in this space. For now, I wish you joy in your art journey!